2 x 4-400A Amplifier Deck

This deck started out many years ago as a class C AM kilowatt. By the time I got it, it had been poorly converted to a Grounded Grid linear. I completely rebuilt it using most of the original components and chassis parts. The astute observer will note the ubiquitous TV doorknobs as anode coupling caps, vertical mounting of the vac variable, and, of course, the traditional burnt resistor parasitic suppressors. The chimneys are Coleman lantern parts. I wouldn't do that again, but at the time, it was a cheap way to go. 4-400A's are a good choice for a TCGG low cost amp project. This one has worked out so well, the design has been stable for many years. The only mod made since the original reconstruction has been the addition of a soft-start circuit for the filaments. Note the relay and resistors attached to the chassis with RTV.